Clinical Care

All of our Nurse Practitioners will be trained by the Hormone Health Institute. After completing a rigorous curriculum, our NP’s will be ready to provide exceptional clinical care to your patients. All treatment plans will be reviewed and signed off on by one of our Medical Directors. Our Medical Directors are the most highly-trained practitioners in integrative medicine.

Here is an example of the course curriculum that each NP will have to complete:

  • Hormones 101 for Female Patients
  • Hormone Therapy 101 for Male Patients
  • Assessing Labs in Male and Female Patients: Interpretation & Optimal Results
  • Hormones & Oral Birth Control Pills (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)
  • Hormone Decline and Staging in Female Patients
  • Female Patients: Pros & Cons of Different HRT Treatment Options
  • Female Patients: Non-Pellet Hormone Therapy Treatment Options & Dosing
  • Male Patients: Non-Pellet Hormone Therapy Treatment Options & Dosing
  • Progesterone & Breakthrough Bleeding Protocols
  • How to Manage Adverse Events in Male & Female Patients
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Evaluation & Treatment
  • Hormone Therapy Examination
  • Sexual Health for Male & Female Patients
  • Peptide Therapies
  • Live Training Review at the end of training
  • EMR and Software training