Benefits of Affiliation

Discover the many advantages of working with BodyLogicMD

Telehealth – Telehealth appointments give you the convenience of practicing from the comfort of your own home without the added burden of overhead costs. Not only that, but the added convenience to patients allows you to potentially reach new clientele. Here are some more of the benefits you could enjoy with telehealth appointments:

  • No waiting rooms
  • Added flexibility to your schedule
  • See more patients, including patients who live far from your office

Treatment Programs – Our program-based model is a way to organize the style of medicine that our practitioner’s practice into easy-to-understand treatment plans that can be catered to help your patients optimize their health and wellness in specific areas. Each expertly designed program is a complete product offering that ships straight to your patients for all-inclusive recurring payments and includes all necessary lab tests, supplies, and medications. Our concierge team will also provide support to your patients at no additional cost. Here are just some of the aspects of health and wellness our programs have been designed to address:

  • Hormone Health: BalancePro and BalancePro+
  • Diet: ShapePro
  • Health Solutions: ImmunePro, PerformancePro, RestorationPro, and HairHealthPro
  • Sexual Wellness: programs tailored for both men and women

Industry-Leading Partner Pharmacies – In addition to the high quality pharmaceuticals provided in our programs, your patients will also have access to professional grade supplements. We have vetted our partner pharmacies extensively, and we hold them to strict KPI’s (key performance indicators). Not only that, but we have very close relationships with these pharmacies, which allows us to monitor drug supply levels. That means you don’t have to spend time worrying about pharmacy outages .

Single Point of Contact – While your patients will have a single point of contact with our concierge team, your single point of contact will be an account manager that we provide to help you with anything that you need. This ensures that both you and your patients can have your queries and issues addressed as efficiently as possible.

If you sign up, BodyLogicMD will:

  • Educate your patients and provide them with cost transparency so that they are fully informed by the time you speak with them
  • All consults with a highly trained NP/PA
  • Provide high quality clinical care
  • Address questions and concerns from both you and your patients
  • Order laboratory testing
  • Chase the results of those tests to make sure they are ready for each appointment
  • Act as a liaison between you and the vendors (such as pharmacies and labs)
  • Provide your patients with access to a recurring Auto Orders program for pharmaceuticals and professional grade supplements
  • Provide you and your patients with our streamlined model: a complete infrastructure that includes clinical care, marketing, IT, sales, billing, and our concierge customer service team