The practitioners of the BodyLogicMD network are among the most highly-trained and experienced experts in the nation specializing in integrative medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Being a part of the network is not only a mark as an industry leader, it is also an opportunity to fully embrace patient care and change lives—the lives of patients and the lives of the practitioners who are part of the network. As any of the current practitioners of the BodyLogicMD network will share, being part of the BodylogicMD network has truly transformed their careers and given each practitioner the ability to focus on practicing medicine and finding balance in their own lives. Read more about the success of practitioners who have already JOINed the BodyLogicMD network:

Jennifer Landa, CMO of BodyLogicMD, Owner of BodyLogicMD of Orlando, JOINed BodyLogicMD in 2007

Jennifer Landa, M.D.“Joining BodyLogicMD has changed my life in unimaginable ways. I have the ability to do exactly what I wanted to do as a doctor now – to prevent disease and truly help patients. I have the luxury of not worrying what an insurance company or a drug company thinks is good for my patient. I can decide. I have the luxury of seeing patients for extended visits and getting paid well for it. I have way less stress than I did as a conventional doctor and way more satisfaction with the quality of my practice and my life. BodyLogicMD has been the foundation of my ability to change my practice and my life in this way. I never could have done it without BodyLogicMD helping and supporting me. BodyLogicMD has been a crucial ingredient to my success as an integrative medicine physician.”

Susan Compton, MCMSc, PA-C, JOINed BodyLogicMD of Fort Lauderdale in 2014

Susan Compton, MCMSc, PA-C“After practicing traditional medicine for several years, I became weary of treating chronic diseases that could have been prevented and having to give more and more medication with horrible side effects. The most frustrating part was that very few patients ever really felt better. Now working with BodyLogicMD and obtaining advanced training in BHRT and functional medicine – I can help patients prevent those illnesses, optimize their health and really change their lives. Best of all — most of my patients actually feel better and are pleased with their treatment outcomes.

I really enjoy being able to spend more time with my patients, getting to know them better, hearing their histories and educating them. Patients appreciate that a medical professional is actually “listening” and helping with their main concerns and symptoms. I often get to see spouses and friends of my patients as well because they are pleased with their experience and life changes. It’s a totally different and fulfilling approach to wellness that traditional medicine could not afford.

I also appreciate the education that being part of BodyLogicMD provides to me. You become part of a network of highly trained, very skilled physicians and practitioners from varied medical specialty backgrounds who are experts in their field. As a member of BodyLogicMD I have access to them every day via email. Even if it isn’t my question that they are addressing – I learn something new every day.

Working with BodyLogicMD has changed my personal quality of life as well. I do not miss rounding in the hospital at 6:30am, working very long days and taking call 24/7. While these are all “accepted” in many traditional medical fields — it is no longer part of my routine thankfully.”

Kenneth Orbeck, DO, Owner of BodyLogicMD of Greenville, JOINed BodyLogicMD in 2010

Kenneth Orbeck, D.O.“I am a physician trained and boarded in family medicine and practiced for approximately 18 years and continued to seek ways of advancing my skill set and practice profiles to optimize patient response, performance, and overall wellness. Approximately 7 years ago, I was introduced to metabolic and functional medicine utilizing a complete organ systems approach and became very interested in pursuing functional and metabolic intervention.

I now specialize in metabolic medicine, my practice focuses on specific metabolic derangements and utilizes both nutritional therapy and hormonal optimization to achieve optimal wellness. Launching this type of career was my greatest challenge and it wasn’t until I was introduced to BodyLogicMD that I was able to truly move forward. The BodyLogicMD network gave me the necessary tools and support to transform my career in medicine into a true success superseding any success that I had previously in traditional medicine. The network offers administrative and office support that allows me to keep my office staff to a minimum and focus on patient care. Patient scheduling, laboratory ordering and follow-up, calendar management, and patient reminders are all taken care of through our central headquarters. Continual medical education is imperative and through our network of 65 well-trained physicians, we have continual interaction throughout the day regarding various treatment protocols and techniques utilized in functional and hormonal optimization. Without the complete support of our BLMD network and my physician colleagues, I feel I would certainly sink in this broad ocean of metabolic and functional therapy. I am now swimming efficiently and enjoying the career benefits of patient responses that I have never seen before. My overall lifestyle is certainly enhanced.”

Nicole Garcia, MD, JOINed BodyLogicMD of Irvine in 2013

Nicole Garcia, M.D.“I joined BodyLogicMD in February of 2013, and so far I have been very pleased with my practice. I am able to spend a good amount of time with patients which in turn leads to better clinical outcomes. The great support I get from the corporate team helps streamline things so that I don’t have to worry about marketing and other logistics of running my practice. I can just show up to work and see patients who want an integrative approach, and they are willing to pay cash for my services. This has been very financially rewarding, and I am able to see fewer patients and not have to deal with the hassle of insurance companies. I highly recommend BodyLogicMD to anyone who has an integrative practice, but wants the guidance and support from a company with a great business model.”

Julie Kissel, MD, Owner of BodyLogicMD of Cincinnati, JOINed BodyLogicMD in 2009

Julie Kissel, M.D.“My partnership with BodyLogicMD has afforded me the ability to treat my patients in a very professional and efficient manner. What I appreciate most about working with BLMD is their on-going ability to keep things easy as well as professional. They are very supportive. They are fantastic at marketing. They have provided me with a network of incredible colleagues which is priceless to me. The result is a perfect partnership. I would highly recommend BodyLogicMD to health professionals who would like assistance and ongoing support in beginning a successful Integrative Medicine practice.”

Kane Lai, MD, Owner of BodyLogicMD of Denver and BodyLogicMD of Encino, JOINed BodyLogicMD in 2014

Kane Lai, M.D.“My reason for getting involved with BodyLogicMD was simply that I was spending so much time administratively: working on payroll, working on marketing, working on all the things that I really didn’t want to do. So, it wasn’t so much that the numbers were bad for my clinic or that I was failing in any way in terms of practicing medicine, but it wasn’t satisfying spending 20 out of 40 hours a week on administrative issues.

And when looking at where I was spending money in my clinic, a lot had to do with marketing. When looking at what BodyLogicMD could do for me and taking over the website space and taking over the SEO and advertising aspects as well as making those contacts with initial patients, I realized in that alone I would be saving over six figures a year in terms of what I was spending on my own clinic. Not only did it take the headache away, but it made the financial savings that much more.

When I got involved with BodyLogicMD, that was my initial reasoning, but it also afforded me a lot of advantages that I didn’t realize would be there. I didn’t realize how important it would be to collaborate and talk with other physicians in integrative medicine to bounce off ideas as well as make me aware of new advances and new approaches to therapy that I never would have been exposed to had I been an isolated practitioner in my own box.”

Michelle Schultz, MD, Owner of BodyLogicMD of Naperville, JOINed BodyLogicMD in 2009

Michelle Schultz, M.D.“The transition from traditional OB/Gyn practice to functional medicine was a bit bumpy until I found BodyLogicMD. I worked in another functional medicine group for 1-2 years but was only breaking even with expenses – not taking any money home. I couldn’t survive much longer with this system.

I knew about BodyLogicMD MD but had been warned away UNTIL some good friends raved about their experience. I called them and then talked to Patrick. I then met other doctors and became excited with the idea of joining BodyLogicMD. This excitement is still there.

I started with BodyLogicMD more than ten years ago, and BodyLogicMD has been so supportive in many ways. Probably the most important for me is the marketing. They have established an internet presence to attract patients and hired people who professionally bring on new clients. BodyLogicMD also has people to support with ordering and shipping supplements and medications as well as ordering labs and finding these labs after they are completed.

I cannot say enough about my experience with this organization and the people who work there and those that run it. I consider them friends as well as co-workers.”