Practitioners within the BodyLogicMD network make nearly 9x more per appointment hour than the average conventional medicine practitioner.* If you are interested in starting a cash-based integrative medicine practice but have no idea where to begin, the answer is easy: BodyLogicMD.


BodyLogicMD is an established, industry leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and integrative medicine. When you open a BodyLogicMD franchise practice, you are opening the door to potential financial freedom. With multiple revenue streams available aside from seeing patients, BodyLogicMD offers practitioners the opportunity to make more while working less, and truly unlock the power of passive revenue.

Uncapped revenue potential isn’t all that BodyLogicMD offers their affiliated practitioners. BodyLogicMD also allows owning practitioners the chance to build their practice from the ground up with guided support along the way, eliminating the constant stress of what comes next. Between the comprehensive location and market analyses, lease negotiations, compliance tracking, and practice branding, BodyLogicMD ensures everything is properly in place to set you up on a path to success.

Once your BodyLogicMD franchise is open and operating, the support that you have grown to know and love continues. There is no need for an exhaustive list of employees because BodyLogicMD does it for you, everything from new patient generation and lab coordination to customer service and appointment scheduling. When you are part of the BodyLogicMD network, you can take full advantage of the services provided:

  • Superior Marketing
  • Designated Sales & Patient Services Team
  • Operational Training & Support
  • Pharmacy Liaison Support
  • Business Integrative & Practice Reviews
  • Annual Practitioner & Staff Offsites

With BodyLogicMD, it’s simple – Make more. Work less. You be the doctor, we’ll handle the rest.

Check out the list of open markets available below and contact Deborah Astern, Franchise Sales Manager, at 561-972-9529 for more information.




*US Bureau of Labor Statistics