BodyLogicMD Affiliate Network

BodyLogicMD Affiliate Network

For well over a decade, BodyLogicMD has provided thousands of men and women with customized solutions for personal wellness. Read below to see how our telehealth programs could increase your number of patients, while providing them with industry-leading care.

Benefits of Affiliation

Learn more about the many benefits you could enjoy by utilizing BodyLogicMD’s affiliate services. With expertly designed telehealth wellness programs, we’ve made it simple and convenient for you to take advantage of this opportunity to increase passive revenue at no additional operating cost.

Clinical Care

Our highly trained nurse practitioners are qualified to provide outstanding care with integrative medicine treatment plans that have been developed by BodyLogicMD’s expert practitioners. Learn more about what makes our nurse practitioners the most highly trained in the business.


From convenient telehealth wellness programs to fully customized daily supplement packs, we’ve made it easy for your patients to enhance their health and wellness with treatment plans that have been tailored to their needs. Learn more about what makes our programs so exceptional.

Jennifer Landa, CMO of BodyLogicMD, Owner of BodyLogicMD of Orlando.

Dr. Jennifer Landa

“Joining BodyLogicMD has changed my life in unimaginable ways. I have the ability to do exactly what I wanted to do as a doctor now – to prevent disease and truly help patients. I have the luxury of not worrying what an insurance company or a drug company thinks is good for my patient. I can decide. I have the luxury of seeing patients for extended visits and getting paid well for it. I have way less stress than I did as a conventional doctor and way more satisfaction with the quality of my practice and my life. BodyLogicMD has been the foundation of my ability to change my practice and my life in this way. I never could have done it without BodyLogicMD helping and supporting me. BodyLogicMD has been a crucial ingredient to my success as an integrative medicine physician.”

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