How our Partnership Works

Working Together Towards Growth

Joining BodyLoigcMD is a straightforward process. In just four steps, your practice can open the doors to a suite of programs designed to address issues ranging from mental clarity to weight management.


Attend a short program demo


Review and sign agreement


Complete on-boarding training


Participate in the monthly clinical and financial review

Your assigned Sales Executive, Concierge Service Representative, and Business Optimization Agent are all available to support you throughout the process.

We invite you to become a part of the BodyLogicMD family and experience why practitioners continue to place their trust in BodyLogicMD.

How can I grow my practice with Integrative Wellness programs?

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Reviews from Our Patients

Sex drive is back
Life-changing experience starting hormone therapy, losing weight, gaining energy and MY SEX DRIVE is alive! This has been life-changing.

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