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Address your patient’s concerns about weight management, sexual wellness, hormonal imbalance, and overall wellbeing by offering this comprehensive suite of integrative wellness programs.



A Simple, Systematic Approach

Restoring hormone balance may help address issues ranging from changes in libido to troubled sleep.

  • May help restore hormonal balance
  • May assist in fighting fatigue
  • May help counter aging


All-Inclusive Methodology

A comprehensive, high-quality program that may help to remove barriers to achieving life-long weight goals. 

  • A science-backed program
  • Guidance from Registered Dieticians on healthy eating habits
  • Increased fitness through technology package

Sexual Wellness

Expanding the Definition of Wellness

A holistic approach to libido and arousal which may help improve sexual function and meet the most intimate needs.

  • May help enhance sexual satisfaction
  • May help improve libido and desire
  • May help reduce sexual dysfunction


Dynamic Body Management

Using performance peptides, this functionally-focused program may aid in recovery from issues related to injury and aging.

  • May help increase energy and stamina
  • May help improve sleep
  • May help increase lean muscle mass

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BodyLogicMD Wellness Programs

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Reviews from Our Patients

Sex drive is back
Life-changing experience starting hormone therapy, losing weight, gaining energy and MY SEX DRIVE is alive! This has been life-changing.