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The trend towards Integrative Healthcare has transformed people’s perspective of health. Proactive care has led to new approaches to wellness, including an unprecedented expansion in patients seeking results-focused care supported by high-quality products.

Partnering with NutraLogics creates a clear evolution for your practice.
Fresh opportunities serve both you and your patients, bringing your long-term goals to fruition. 

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Develop Momentum

By meeting your patients’ rapidly increasing demand for wellness services, you can create new revenue streams for you.

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Cultivate Loyalty

As the source of expanded options for wellness, your patients’ loyalty will increase as their trusted healthcare expert.
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Expedite Growth

Drive your clinic growth by becoming a NutraLogics Partner and adding supplement programs to your services.
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Harvest Results

Regular NutraLogics activity reporting and revenue add a tangible way to measure your clinical and financial outcomes.


Why NutraLogics?

With decades dedicated to offering quality medications, BodyLogicMD branded dietary supplements reflect the same commitment. From the team that signs off on ingredients to the team that securely ships products to your patient, BodyLogicMD take these wellness roles seriously.

At every step of the process, we have you and your patients in mind. That focus means we are not just offering a product – we are helping people live their best lives.

Trustworthy Products

At every step of the process, we have you and your patients in mind. That focus means we are not just offering a product – all our supplements are produced in facilities that are inspected twice annually and exceed supplement creation requirements set forth by the FDA .

Claims of quality are everywhere. BodyLogicMD goes a step further and works with an impartial outsider to test NutraLogics products to ensure we only offer high-quality products.


Timing That Is Just Right

We are passionate about making sure the supplements we offer are at their peak of freshness. We manage inventory and shipping, producing tailored daily packs only when we receive the order. Your patients receive the freshest products, and you can focus on patient outcomes.

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Like you, we believe in the power of a personal approach to wellness. Share your goals and learn more about what makes NutraLogics Partnership Program the ideal match for you.


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