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BodyLogicMD branded dietary supplements focus on the same areas that you do, helping to address challenges that block the achievement of your patients’ wellness goals. The supplement collection is easy to offer to your patients, adding another layer of support you can count on. Quality, consistency, and absorption strive to hit your mark every time.

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Below are just a few of our most popular supplement offerings:

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    Immune Health

    Immune health is a key part of overall health and patients’ well-being.


    ImmunePro Daily Pack

    Combined of Pure Zinc Ultra-Potent C 1000 and Vitamin D 1000, this pack aims to:

    • Boost immune system function, immune activity, and antioxidant reserve
    • Maintain normal inflammatory balance
    • Promote collagen formation to try and maintain healthy ligaments, tendons, and joints
    • Support cardiometabolic health, blood sugar balance and weight loss
    • Maintain bone and dental health, increasing calcium absorption and balance

    Digestive Health

    Being well includes focusing on your digestive track, which contains 90% of the immune system.


    Core 4 Daily Pack

    A combination of probiotics, professional grade,* pure fish oil, KIT K2 with D3, and MultiVite aims to:

    • Help balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut, keeping the digestive system healthy
    • Assist in decreasing gas, bloating and constipation
    • Help improve brain function as well as try to aid in weight loss
    • Enhance cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation in the body
    • Improve hair and skin
    • Support healthy blood circulation
    • Promote bone health and proper calcium storage
    • Maintain healthy cardiometabolic function and support blood sugar balance already within normal levels
    • Boost immune function
    • Help correct nutritional deficiencies and fill nutritional gaps
    • Assist in maintaining bone strength, improve brain function
    • Enhance energy

    *Some studies show this product has a 70% better absorption rate

    Sexual Wellness

    Taking care of our bodies is key to a healthy sex life, and supplements may be able to play a role in the mental and physical factors that benefit both men and women.


    Sexual Wellness Female Daily Pack

    By combining LibidoStim-F, CitraNOX and HerSynergy, the aim is to:

    • Provide natural support for healthy sexual desire and pleasure
    • Optimize hormone balance, blood flow and adrenal function
    • Assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels by aiming to enhance endothelial cell and arterial function
    • Provide multidimensional support for optimal blood pressure
    • Maintain endothelial cell elasticity
    • Help preserve coronary arteries
    • Try and enhance circulating nitric oxide levels
    • Help address mood, stress, and overall health
    • Support estrogen metabolism


    Sexual Wellness Male Daily Pack

    This pack includes both LibidoStim-M and CitraNOX, aiming to:

    • Naturally support healthy male sexual desire
    • Support healthy male sexual function and libido
    • Help promote blood flow and erectile function
    • Assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels by aiming to enhance endothelial cell and arterial function
    • Provide multidimensional support for optimal blood pressure
    • Assist in maintaining endothelial cell elasticity
    • Help preserve coronary arteries
    • Try and enhance circulating nitric oxide levels

    Peak Performance

    Physically active individuals place demands on their bodies for recovery, stamina and response.


    PerformancePro Daily Pack

    Consisting of Pure Energy, Reacted Magnesium*, and CoQ10 100, aiming to:

    • Recharge cellular energy production
    • Support immune function
    • Increase antioxidant protection
    • Support detoxification capacity
    • Offer cardiovascular support
    • Help maintain healthy blood pressure and glucose levels
    • Promote energy production and muscle relaxation
    • Act as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage and playing an important role in cellular energy, growth, and maintenance
    • Utilize statins to deplete CoQ10 levels in the body

    Weight Management

    Maintaining a healthy weight is one important way to support overall wellness.


    ShapePro Daily Pack

    This pack includes Metabolism Boost, Crave Stop and Dopamine Support, aiming to:

    • Improve cellular energy production
    • Stimulate fat utilization and boost metabolism
    • Promote cardiovascular health
    • Support post-training muscle recovery
    • Provide natural support for mood stability, appetite regulation and a healthy stress response
    • Support optimal neurotransmitter level
    • Support the natural production of dopamine with is associated with attention, learning, movement, balance, and mood regulation
    • Help promote a positive outlook, motivation, and balanced moods


    ShapePro Add-On

    The ShapePro-tein add on is protein powder in a choice of vanilla and chocolate, which:

    • Aims to build muscle, cartilage, and ligaments
    • Contains over 97% protein
    • Contains critical nutrients including a significant amount of collagen-specific amino acids
    • Free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones

    Hormonal Health

    Balancing hormone levels is an important foundation for overall well-being. Addressing imbalances that affect day-to-day life is an important factor.

    BalancePro Female Daily Pack

    This combination of Pure Balance and Pure Hormone Support aims to:

    • Support estrogen balance and breast health
    • Proper estrogen metabolism
    • Improve estrogen detoxification pathways and hormone excretion
    • Support Cellular antioxidant process for DNA stability
    • Naturally support female hormone balance
    • Help maintain healthy female hormone levels, during menstruation and through menopause


    BalancePro Male Daily Pack

    Bringing together Prostatrol Forte and ResTor-T, this pack aims to:

    • Support healthy prostate function
    • Promote healthy urinary tract flow and frequency
    • Assist in maintaining hormonal balance
    • Provides nutrients meant to support prostate health
    • Improve testosterone and cortisol levels
    • Assist in maintaining reproductive health and a healthy body composition
    • Support virility and vitality

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