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BodyLogic Solutions 12 | 2 | 2 is the first -ever annual subscription supplement program that offers your patients a scientifically personalized selection of superior quality supplements based on our proprietary metabolomic test and interpreted by our clinical experts who act as an extension of your business.

Our proprietary metabolomic test looks at over 50 biomarkers resulting in a detailed patient report with information on how their body is metabolically balanced and the supplements they need to restore balance. Biomarkers include inflammation, sleep, gut health, amino acids & vitamins, muscle performance, and more. Clients stay on BodyLogic Solutions 12| 2 |2 because they finally have scientific evidence that their supplement regimen is working.

BodyLogic Solutions 12|2| 2 can be customized to accommodate your current supplement protocols and enhance the existing modalities you offer to your clients. Operationally, the program integrates seamlessly into your business, providing an attrition-resistant revenue stream with low burden on your office staff. The 12 |2| 2 program provides an excellent value to your client and is competitively priced.  Clients receive:

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12 months of the highest quality supplements shipped directly to the patient

Scientifically personalized selection of superior quality supplements delivered in a convienient daily pack form. 


2 metabolomics tests conducted at home in months 1 & 9 of the program.

Biomarkers include inflammation, sleep, gut health, amino acids & vitamins, muscle performance, and more.

2 counseling sessions with a certified BodyLogic Registered Dietician

Certified Dieticians will interpret the metabolomic test results and make additional supplement recommendations


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